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Research proves that learning to play and read music greatly benefits all other subjects, including language and mathematics. Music learning also enhances concentration, elevates personal expression and builds confidence. Music learning benefits students of all ages. 

Learn In Harmony


Music learning also sharpens coordination and multitasking skills and elevates personal expression. And you're never too young or too old to benefit from music instruction.

The Future Sounds Good


Learn2Rock founder and lead instructor Gordon U. Emma has started dozens of kids and adults on the path towards a lifelong love of music.


He holds a master's in music education from University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

His approach is to make it fun as he shows his students how to break down and understand tunes they already know and like.

Along the way, every student gains a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the instrument with opportunity to advance through theory and note reading.


Gordon Emma
Founder’s Notes 


After teaching privately for years and earning an advanced degree in music education, I have witness first-hand how music learning has helped both children and adults advance – expressively, socially and intellectually. 

– Gordon U. Emma, Founder and Lead Instructor


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